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          Established in 1993, Shandong Junan Longwo Craftwork Co., Ltd. is the biggest white willow production base in South Shandong and North Jiangsu. It’s near to Lianyungang Port and Qingdao Port and has convenient traffic. With beautiful scenery, long-history of willow-knitting, high technology, cheap labour force, it’s the source of grass, willow-knitting industry and good place for clients from home and abroad to buy such products.

        General Manager Mr.ShiPeiGong

        The company is in large scale that can produce products made of grass, willow, iron, wood, bamboo, etc. Possessing persons with ability, rich funds, reasonable management, it has storage ability of 600 containers, export sum of RMB20 million yuan. Owning 21 subordinates and 5,000 employees, it’s the biggest one in the same trade of the city.

        The company can produce more than 4,000 kinds of willows that are exported to all over the world and enjoy good favour among the customers.



        Add:Longwo Banquan Junan Shandong
        Tel:0086-539-7665861 Fax:0086-539-7665862